These projects are part of an ongoing illustration research practice. Through expanded approaches to image-making, they look at the flexibility of an image to contain and project meaning. The research explores how interpretations digress and meander depending on image replication, circulation, and the importance of letting go of an authoritative voice. In pushing an image through feedback and interaction the work moves into partial autonomy. This autonomy looks to shift this practice beyond illustrative conventions.

You Should Complain

    Content describing a space through a collaborative visual conversation.
2020, Content-Full issue 2


    Print-based installation discussing the physical manifestation of clickbait.
2020, A2 Poster


    Writing that traces the inability to connect with an image after it gains independence from social media feedback.
2020, Performance Lecture


    Webspace allowing an image to obtain partial autonomy over its meaning from visual prompts and audience contributions.
2020, Interactive website

Today at Apple

    Workshop utilising copied and pasted shapes.
2018, Workshop


    Optical poetry reacting to the input language
2019, Performance

Polyester and Hardener in Latex

    Text pieces informing how to replicate through casting and etching.
2020, Digital

Plastic Fantastic

    Relief sculptures commenting on manufacture by reacting directly with plastic materials.
2018, Framed Acrylic

Metamorphosis, The accelerating image

    Exploration into how expedited feedback alters authorship over an image.
2019, Research Paper


    Image series responding to the absence of workshop access during Covid19
2020, Digital


    Flag installation at CitizenM creating a pause to the pace of normal life.
2019, Installation

British Museum

    Lates workshop asking visitors to replicate artworks using simple shape stamps.
2017, Workshop


    Video performance inviting spectators to make marks based on sound rather than vision.
2019, Spectator Performance